Precision about the quoted trademarks

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This other page lists my favorite computer and online tools: my-favorite-tools.en.html.

This page is written to clarify some « legal » points regarding my webpages.


This page is old and NOT UP-TO-DATE at all!

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This little page is intended to quote the trademarks I quote in the other pages. And also to give an almost exhaustive list of the software and useful website I’m using for my projects.


I’m trying to keep a list of all quoted institution, and to clarify here the one which I am connected to and the others.

ENS de Cachan

Just to precise : I am a student at ENS de Cachan. Not a teacher, not anything else than a student.

But it could be a source of misunderstanding : I am a student, ok, but with the special French status normalien.

That means that I’m affiliated with the French “Enseignement Supérieur” minister, and I receives a salary for this.

I entered to this school by passing a national exam, in 2011.


So, when I quote “ENS de Cachan”, in my pages or in my source codes, that always means that I’m a student, and also that a significant part of my work is related to the work “I have to do at school”.

CMLA (Maths research institute)

The CMLA is the Mathematics research institute of ENS de Cachan.

Again, I am not a member of the CMLA. At least, a lot of the maths teachers I heard during the past two years are related to the CMLA, but nothing else.


So, when I quote “CMLA”, in my pages or in my source codes, that never means that I’m a member of CMLA, but that means a part of this content is related to the work “I have to do at school”.

LSV (CS research institute)

The LSV is the Computer Science lab research of ENS de Cachan.

Again, I am not a member of the LSV. At least, a lot of the CS teachers I heard in the last two years are related to the LSV, but nothing else.


So, when I quote “LSV”, in my pages or in my source codes, that never means that I’m a member of LSV, but that a part of the content is related to the work “I have to do at school”.

CNRS (French scientific research institute)

The CNRS is the French Institute for Scientific Research (« Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique »).

I have no connection to the CNRS. Not at all.


All the quoted trademarks on this page and on all the page on this domain are the respective properties of their owners.

A non exhaustive list

I’m trying here to keep a list of all the trademarks I quote in my pages. If I forgot one, and if that bother you, please contact me.

In particular,
  • Matlab is © and ® of MathWorks,

  • Windows is © and ® of Microsoft,

  • TI, TI-Basic and TI-82 is © of Texas Instrument,

  • Jota Text Editor is © and ® of Aquamarine Networks,

  • GnuPG, Octave, Nano, Gnu Make, Gedit are © and ® of The Gnu Software Foundation,

  • TOEIC is © of ETS,

  • CUDA and nVidia CUDA are © and ® of nVidia,

  • Python, PyDOC, Pypi and Sphinx are © and ® of The Python Foundation,

  • OCaml, and OCamlDoc are © and ® of INRIA,

  • XML, HTML, Javascript are name of technologies developed by the WWW consortium, and the Mozilla Foundation,

  • Firefox is © and ® of the Mozilla Foundation,

  • Google Analytics, Google, Google Code, Google Site and Youtube are © and ® of Google Inc.,

  • reStructuredText and docutils are © and ® of David Goodger et al.,

  • Wikipedia, Wikibook are © and ® of The Wikimedia Foundation,

  • Ubuntu and all related trademarks are © and ® of Canonical,

  • Bitbucket is © of Atlassian Inc.,

  • Django and the term “Django templating” are © and ® of the Django Software Foundation,

  • Nautilus, Gnome Terminal and many others related to the GNOME project are © of The Gnu Software Foundation,

  • VLC is ® and © of the Videolan Foundation,

  • Facebook is © and ® of Facebook Inc.,

  • Android, Google Play and Android Market are © and ® of Google Inc.,

  • MIT, refer both to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

  • Ångström is a © and ® of The Ångström Distribution foundation,

  • Debian is © and ® of The Debian Project,

  • Doxygen is © of Dimitri van Heesch,

  • Java and JavaDoc, and Eclipse are © of Oracle,

  • Skype, MSN and Outlook are © of Microsoft Corporation,

  • Naereen Corp. is © of Lilian Besson (yes, it’s me !),

  • Graphviz, the DOT command line tool and the DOT graph language, are © of AT&T research labs on graphs,

  • Ghostery is © and ® of Ghostery™,

  • HeVeA is © of Luc Marranget,

  • Nintendo, for some pictures of Link and Zelda (© & ®),

  • ACE (and ace.js) is © & ® of AjaxOrg,

  • and many others…

Python powered :)

Used softwares

I usually try to quote and to say what software I used to produce the different available files on each of my web pages and projects descriptions, but to be more precise, I’m also trying to quote them all here.

So, I used the following software :
  • Gedit, for text editing,

  • GNU Nano, for text editing,

  • GNU Make, for automatize generation and synchronization,

  • git, for version control and online storage,

  • GNU sh, and GNU Bash for command line operation automatization (scripting),

  • Python, for a lot a things,

  • Sphinx, for web pages generation from rST files,

  • rst2pdf (from docutils) for PDF generation from rST files,

  • pdflatex, for PDF generation from LaTeX files,

  • OCaml and OCamlDoc, for a lot of projects,

  • GNU Octave, for a lot of math simulation,

  • pyflakes, pylint, pychecker, flakes8, for automatize Python source code verification,

  • pyreverse, for dependancies graph generation for Python projetcs,

  • Gnome Terminal and Terminator, for command line use (in particular, many screenshots use the embedded screen shot facility of Terminator),

  • byobu, screen and tmux, for terminal multi-plexing,

  • scp and rsync, to send files throw ssh,

  • ssh, to remotely control the two web server I’m using,

  • GNU PG, to sign and cipher some files,

  • Zenity, for some command line graphical interactivity,

  • notify-send, for some graphical informative messages in some scripts,

  • GNU grep and ack-grep, GNU sed for text search and manipulations in command line mode,

  • zip, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip, xzip, and others compression and archive tools,

  • Nautilus, the GNOME file manager,

  • Firefox (or Iceweasel) and elinks for web browsing (in graphical or text mode),

  • Hotmail, from Microsoft, and GNU mutt, for email management,

  • bpython, as an enhanced Python toplevel system,

  • utop, as an enhanced OCaml toplevel system,

  • many Python module : scanf, PyZenity, pynotify, pygame, and many others,

  • irsii, as a IRC client,

  • Jota Text Editor, as a quick and powerful text editor on Android,

  • Android (1.6, 2.2.2), as the best OS for smartphones !

  • Ångström, for my mini ARM pc,

  •, to test my web pages from an outsider point of view (i.e. without cookies),

  • Icon Converter, from,

  • Ubuntu 11.10 to Ubuntu 15.10 as the best OS,

  • htop, as a text mod for managing processes on my PCs,

  • vrun, a telnet command line client for VLC (thanks to Nit from the Crans association for this one),

  • as a constant and almost perfect source of inspirations,

  • Wikipedia and all related Wikimedia project,

  • Google Calendar, ang Google Analytics, respectivly to store calendars online, and to monitor my web pages,

  • Javascript and Django templating (for Sphinx) to automatically embbed the Google Analytics script,

  • caml2html, pyhtmlizer and pygmentize to generate HTML pages from source code,

  • JDownloader, as the best Youtube downloader, even if it is written in Java…

  • Cover Thumbnailer and Nautilus Terminal plug-ins for Nautilus,

  • Arandr and ArandrAuto (my script) to handle multi screens on Ubuntu,

  • HeVeA, as a powerfull LaTeX to HTML conversion tool,

  • js_of_ocaml, and toplevel.js, as a OCaml toplevel written in Javascript,

  • emscripten, to embed GNU Plot and Python,

  • Skulpt, as an other Python toplevel written in JavaScript,

  • html2rest, a Python script to convert HTML to rST,

  • Generate It, for some services,

  • Gravatar and Worldpress,

  • FreeDNS for shortlink ( and others),

  • Pixlr online picture editor (,

  • and many others…