Teaching remotely - Coronavirus outbreak


Information on the Coronavirus Epidemic

Go read every day the <https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus> page of the French government. And reading https://www.lemonde is also a very good idea!


I am Lilian Besson, a former student in Mathematics and Computer Science at l’ENS de Cachan. I am a passionate programmer, open-source enthusiast and young researcher in machine learning, learning theory and cognitive radio. I also love to cook and meet people, to travel and exchange, to bike or hike. Welcome to my website.

Working from home because of the Coronavirus outbreak

As of Friday 13rd of March 2020, my colleagues and I at ENS de Rennes were asked to start working from home.


This page is only describing MY point-of-view, it is NOT officially from the point of view of my employer.

I am describing in French in this webpage how I will (try my best) to teach remotely, during this special moment !

Link to the XKCD comic https://xkcd.com/2282/

Responsibilities in 2019/2020

I will be junior professor (agrégé préparateur) in Computer Sience at ENS de Rennes

Link to the XKCD comic https://xkcd.com/2294/